This is dating back a couple of years ago, but it just had to be brought back up in hopes that GameFreak actually do think “these are good ideas, let’s actually make one if so many people want it”. Junichi Masuda, who is the co-founder of GameFreak, had once said “I think the Pokemon core series is always going to be with handheld hardware, in the future as well.” Well, sorry to disappoint you Junichi, but that’s where you couldn’t be more wrong.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the reason GameFreak don’t REALLY want to make a Pokemon Wii U game is because it’s:

a) Hard work

b) May use so much of their precious millions they get from their Pokemon DS games

c) They don’t like sharing the “main” series with another developer, so they wouldn’t get another developer to make it either

With the recent announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, where it uses polygonal 3D models, in a sense GameFreak are actually half way there, yet they still refuse to see just how good a Pokemon Wii U game could be. I once mentioned in a previous article from last year on the same lines the ideas the Wii U game could contain. This is a paragraph on the idea I had for a Pokemon Wii U game:

Nintendo should publish a game called “Pokemon Kanto” for the Wii U, where it has all 151 Kanto Pokemon, all 8 gym leaders, and where everything has 3D models. On the TV, you could have your Pokemon fighting in an environment, whilst on the handheld screen controller, you have all your options; Fight, Run, Items and Pokemon. It would work perfectly. It’s almost like the Wii U is built for a Pokemon game. Rather than in a DS game, where you move one square at a time, “Pokemon Kanto” would be like any other Third-Person RPG, where you run around the environment freely. The story doesn’t have to be related to Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow or the TV series. Instead, Nintendo should start the story from scratch, with it’s own unique story, but keeping iconic people like the gym leaders and “Team Rocket”. Nintendo could also include monthly tournaments, where people don’t have to leave their own home to win cool in-game prizes, like “Rare Candies” for runners up, a super rare Pokemon like Mew for the tournament winner and so forth. You could even have close relationships with your Pokemon, where feeding them nice treats shows their affection to you.

Now isn’t that a good idea? Well to top that off, around the time when a new Pokemon game was rumored a few weeks back, one article caught my eye: “Pokemon Rainbow”. Now although it was still considered to be a 3DS title, it still had some good ideas, where the first four regions of Pokemon were combined into one game. Now imagine that, but on the Wii U. That would be the Pokemon game gamers dream for. If you consider how many copies Pokemon sells a year, it could sell the Wii U. Look at Zelda: it works well on both consoles and handhelds, with the games actually tending to be better on consoles. I mean have you played Skyward Sword (even if the beginning was slow). Ocarina of Time was even a console game that was ported to the 3DS. If that doesn’t tell us something, then I just don’t know this industry any more.

To further support my point, I think GameFreak should probably gaze their eyes over to a game out this week in the States and out next week here in the UK: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Now after playing the demo to the game, it made me think that the gameplay is what a Pokemon game should be. The battles are almost like that of the television series; in the TV series, it’s not turn based. Pokemon just fight and use abilities when they get the chance to, which is much like Ni No Kuni. It’s fast paced battles where you always have to always be on the ball. If you want to use a health restoration item, they have to do it while the fight is going on.

You can also take on quests in Ni No Kuni, something I’m sure Pokemon Wii U could adapt. It could have quests like “Go catch me this Pokemon and I’ll give you this super rare one” or “that guy ran off with my Pokemon. Can you get it back?” or even “if you get your Pokemon to “this level” I’ll give you this Leaf Stone”. Side quests could lead you all across the regions; it’d be like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars… only it’s Pokemon. Plus Ni No Kuni also uses gameplay cut scenes as well as fully animated cut scenes, something I’m sure the Pokemon Wii U game could also do if GameFreak teamed up with Team Kato, maybe even Studio Ghibli… could you imagine a Studio Ghibli Pokemon game? Gorgeous.

To improve the gameplay, GameFreak could also allow players to design their own characters, rather than having players choose from the default “Boy” or “Girl” appearance. The game could even be fully online supported, where you might possibly run into a Pokemon trainer on your journeys. This might be a tricky feature though, considering you might just be starting off in the world and you run into somebody with level 100 legendary. Perhaps you can only see trainers with a similar Pokemon power to you; similar, but not exact (someone has to win). Perhaps the game could also make it very difficult to capture the legendaries; in previous games, it’s too easy to capture them with a master ball.

All these ideas could combine to make one giant Pokemon games all fans would buy a Wii U for. Well, maybe not buy a Wii U just for it, but it might just convince them. Here’s the recap GameFreak on what to make:

  • First 4 regions of Pokemon combined
  • Side quests taking us “across the land, searching far and wide”
  • Full polygonal 3D models
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Third-Person free movement (i.e. not one square at a time)
  • Tournaments bi-weekly/monthly
  • Ni No Kuni styled battles
  • A unique storyline (perhaps set years after the anime)
  • Make it tougher to capture legendaries
  • Anime cut scenes (may be tricky to do if your character is designed uniquely)
  • Be able to choose who to go out, rather than it being the Pokemon placed at slot 1

GameFreak, one day you’re going to see the console market is something to perhaps invest in. I fear, however that it’ll be too late. Sure, handheld consoles do sell a lot more than actual consoles, but choosing one over the other because there’s more of a market which makes me think is what GameFreak does is more like… well it’s almost like racism. I’m not going to produce an example, but you can see my point. It’s kind of unfair.

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