Have you been on Metacritic in the past, oh I don’t know, 2 years? You may have noticed that whilst actual sites have expressed great truths in a video game, the users of Metacritic have, how shall I put this, a different form of speech.

Let’s just admit it right now; compared to gamers of the last generation, most gamers (not all. There are still some good gamers out there) are ignorant people. To gamers it’s mostly about what console is better, or the exclusives, or which company is the best. Gamers are also shielded by a PC screen, so they feel like they can do and say what they like; of course in some rare cases, things might go too far when police get involved. For a bit of fun, lets go through a couple of games which have received one of these “metacritic gamer attacks” (I call them) and some of the “user reviews” on those games (and yes. I will name and shame these users). All scores are as of 20th May 2012.

Diablo III – Average Critic Score: 88/Average User Score: 4.0

  • Purchased, unable to log in even once in 12 hours. This would be counted as fraud in any other industry but for some reason on this game I intend to play single player it’s ‘to be expected’, just terrible.” – BronyLove98 – Score: 0/10

So he’s giving a game a low score purely because he can’t be asked to just wait a little longer? Rather than spend the night raging at the game, why didn’t he just go to bed, and then hopefully by morning, the game would have been working (this was actually sort of the case believe it or not. I woke up and the game was online). I mean I understand the frustration, and yes, Blizzard should have known better, but don’t go marking a game purely because of Blizzards services and not their development skills.

  • I’ve tried to play four times today. How many times have I been successful? Zero. My rating of ‘one’ is because I’ve never actually gotten to play this game. Always on connection sucks, get rid of the RMT and make a great game.” – Mehhem – Score: 0/10

4 times? Wow. Those must have really hurt considering I actually tried about 30 times to log in at the midnight launch. The funny thing is, he is giving it a rating of “one” and yet his score was actually a 0. And yes, I can understand the “always being online fact” but seriously? It’s honestly like you haven’t even played the game. Oh wait… And not to mention the box art clearly states that an online connection is required, so why the hell would you buy the game if you have little to no internet?

  • What a mess. Mediocre beta. Horrible release. No character customization, no more attribute points. story is terrible. Finished in 3 hours. Repetitive tripe, IMO. There is a reason there are hundreds of negative reviews which is why I think they spent so much cash on splashy TV commercials. I wish there were lemon laws for video games.” – JM520 – Score: 0/10

Right, so you thought the Beta was mediocre, so you thought you’d go ahead and buy the game anyway. First off, Diablo games have never had character customization (so I was told). Second of all, you probably didn’t even understand the story purely because you finished the game in 3 hours. You can only finish the game in 3 hours of you speed run through it real fast (there are achievements to complete each act in under an hour). Perhaps if you took the time to let a character finish their sentence or maybe did some exploring, perhaps the story would have been more understandable. The point of a game is to not speed run through it on day 1; it’s to take your time and enjoy what the game has to offer, which you CLEARLY didn’t do.


Mass Effect 3 – Average Critic Score: 89 (PC)/Average User Score: 4.0

  • This is very sad :-( Better go with The Witcher 2 or Deus Ex: HR, Skyrim or FNV Ultimate – not with this s**t! I’m very dissapointed :-/ I hate you EA/BW!!! ME1>ME2>ME3 :-( ” – LukeDukem – Score: 2/10

If you’re going to write a pointless user review, could you at least tell us WHY you are disappointed?

  • Do not listen to the people giving this game a 10 they are lying or bioware ea employers or just plain stupid this game is horrible its the worst in the series bye far their are no RPG elements left in the game at all even when you pick to play the game as an RPG they don’t are about the pc you an not use your mouse wheel to scroll you ant access the journal with the j button on your keyboard you cant crouch any more like you could in the first game witch i liked the graphics and textures are appalling if you have any sense you will not bye this game if you do wait for it to be on sale or rents it other wise you are wasting your money honestly” – Camoe – Score: 3/10

First of all, your writing is appalling. Secondly, you’re essentially saying that I didn’t have a great time with Mass Effect 3? Is my enjoyment a lie then? Who the fuck gives you the right to speak for me? And you obviously don’t know what bad graphics of this day and age are; Deadly Premonition has bad graphics.

  • I got given renegade points for refusing a romantic offer from a homosexual man. The other reviews speak for the rest of the problems the game has, but I was given RENEGADE points for NOT being gay. ” – Boltwork – Score: 0/10

So you’re giving the game a 0/10 purely because you were given one set of renegade points purely because of one moment which would never have even developed romantically? One thing in the game, and you need to give it a 0/10 for something that isn’t really true. And another thing. If you choose for your character to be gay in a game, does that suddenly mean you’re gay on real life? Oh sorry. Anyone who has played a Lara Croft game is automatically a woman now. Oh and if the protagonist is ever in a set story when he is gay from the start, you are now officially labeled gay. It seems that’s how it works nowadays.


Now I get the frustrations of gamers (trust me. I disliked Mass Effect 3′s ending too by the way) and how annoying that one bug can be, or how silly that moment can seem. But gamers just need to get the fuck over it and move on. Stop holding grudges that you’ll only forget about in the future. It’s not like you’re going to go “oh no. My character said something gay in the game. This is totally going to affect how I speak to my friends now” because that won’t ever be the case.

I think Metacritic needs to put a new system in place JUST for the video game segment; keep critic scores the same, but rather than have user scores, replace it with a system where other sites which are not on Metacritic’s official critic list can post their reviews. You know, the less known sites. Not only will it give them more publicity, but it will also mean that if gamers want to rage about a game, they’d have to do it else where or write a full review on a site. Sure, it might mean gamers might just write a silly little blog and link it onto Metacritic, but let’s face it, most “ignorant” gamers can only tweet their feelings, rant about it on sites like N4G or a certain games forums, or post a Facebook status about it.

And what of those good gamers who don’t write pointless user reviews and are actually clear in what is wrong or good about a game? Why not actually write a freelance review for one of those smaller sites instead? Who knows. You might enjoy writing a full blown review, and you might even get hired by a site.

You see these days, gamers want everything. They want graphics to be “flawless”, they want complex story’s to be understandable instantly, they want bug-free games; they want the game to be what they want it to be. The truth is: It can never be what you want it to be. So you bought a game that sucked, big deal? That’s life. Real people have bought houses that cost a lot only for it to fall down on them. A gamers life is barely anything compared to what’s out there in the real world. Next time you play a shooter and rage about how you kept getting shot at (realism); think about the real life solders out there who are ACTUALLY getting shot at.

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