I can’t believe some people are so stupid to think that consoles are dying. I mean… consoles. Dying. Can you believe how silly that sounds? And why oh why do those certain stupid people think they are dying? Because of mobile phones, tablets, smart devices and so forth. What? Have those people forgotten that a console and a smart phone are pretty much two different things? Smart phone people aren’t smart.

The only way to prove that consoles aren’t dying out due to smart phone devices is by looking at what both offer; their similarities and differences. So a smart phone does many things; in fact if you take Apple’s “iPhone”, it can do a lot. You can call people through it, you can play mini-games, you can write notes, you can write in your calendar, you can use it as an alarm; among so many other things. Have you figured it out yet? The features designed for a smart phone are for moments where you don’t get much free time, like when you’re working. Think about it: you get to chat during your lunch break, play mini games during your break, leave notes for yourself so you don’t forget something important, write in your calendar for special occasions, use the alarm to alert you, and the others things are rather amazing things, but just don’t really reflect on the gaming world.

Now lets look at a console: has to be connected up to a television, uses a controller, allows you to talk through a microphone headset (or Kinect etc), allows you to play full length video games, allows you to watch films and TV shows (I know a smart phone can do that but work with me here), and many other things too. A console is built for people who have a lot of free time (oh I don’t know. Somebody like me. A student.) It has to be connected up to a television, which means you might not be able to take it with you, it uses a separate controller which is actually difficult to put in your pocket, you need to use a head set which means it’s designed for chat amongst gaming friends, you play full length video games unlike the smaller kind a smart phone has, and it allows you to watch films and TV shows, which lets be honest, you might only be fully immersed into the film/show if you watch it all the way through in the same time period.

And from what I heard, video games through consoles (yes CONSOLES) bring around £1Billion to the economy. So I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that consoles just aren’t dying out any time soon. Not unless there really IS an apocalypse this year. I mean smart phone games probably do bring more to the economy for all I know, but the way some smart phone users talk, it’s almost like consoles don’t have the right to be around. How wrong they are…

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