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Day one and on disc DLC is not an evil thing!


Hear me out on this. MOST times a developer makes the game content that fulfills all the documentation and premise of the game as originally intended. From there they get to say “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we added this character with this side missions stuff?” but oh no, that’s not in the main story. That means it’s not in the budget!!! But it was such a great idea, what do we do?!?!  D-L-MOTHERFUCKING-C-BITCHES!!!! It’s an add-on that they tweaked as few things as possible to make fit in the main game. It also helps increase playability and the overall gameplay experience. It’s not that the developer is shorting you the story. You don’t need the DLC to understand everything within the story arc. There is no reason to grow a giant vagina and have a PMS bitch attack on forums because you “Didn’t get all the content you wanted waa waa waaaa!” It’s simply an addition to the game that you purchased, and if you are lucky the developer finished it within time you can get it soon enough to add it to your game without altering your story experience. Giving you the player, a seamless transition and integration of story and content.

Now many developers plan for DLC as it is expected in most situations, so they can include the assets needed on the disc ahead of time. Saving the player valuable download and install time. So claiming “I shouldn’t have to pay for DLC on the disc” is irrelevant when you would alternatively bitch about it taking 3 hours to download if it wasn’t. Further DLC generally only create a minor alteration of story and exist within the confines of the already enstated game universe. Thusly less is needed for the DLC to become usable content for the player. So saying that the 50MB install is not worth the cost is ignorant of so many things. File size has little bearing on the quality of content delivered. Instead you should as the consumer judge the $5 expense of the expansion by how enjoyable it was and how much it added to the game universe/experience.

Some of you are saying “But Ray, they wanted me to buy skins for my guns, that’s DLC!” to which I say, NAY! That is not DLC, its micro-transactional content (MTC). It is simply a gimmick that is likely to get much more popular and be seen much more. It allows the producer and developer both to make additional income over a longer period of time. Which will in turn lead to larger budgets on future games and thus more awesome. While mostly a marketing tactic to get the most value out of a game it shouldn’t invariably detract from the experience for anyone. Meaning if I buy a gun in Call of Halo: Battlefield that it can have different stats but should in no way be drastically unbalanced. Alternatively though the producers still want people to buy the damn thing, so there will be things about it that make it stand out. That doesn’t mean it breaks the game, in fact most developers spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure it doesn’t do just that. Sure it shoots grappling-hook rockets and lets the player fart rainbow smoke grenades. But when you break it down to solid numbers and playability it is no different than the majority of the items already available.


So let me review here for everyone:

  • Day one DLC only stands to expand on the base of the game be happy to get anything at all.
  • DLC on the disc saves you the player time, and simply just makes sense.
  • MTC is horrible and evil and with a lot of work can be done right and really expand on the gameplay experience.
  • I hate people who bitch on forums when they have no shitting clue what they are really ranting about.
  • Bacon is delicious!



I hope that clears everything up for everyone!!! Also you should congratulate me as I finally got a job in the industry again. Now I work over at 343 Industries on a specific game you are probably going to buy. Cheers!


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